Review: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

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Title: The Wise Man’s Fear

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Publication Date: March 1, 2011

Genre: Fantasy

Overview: We meet Kvothe, Bast, and the Chronicler once more. Kvothe’s story continues, in which he still is seeking mastery over the name of the wind. After a few interesting adventures at University, he leaves for a potential patron, a pseudo-king, the Maer, who Kvothe realizes is being poisoned. Kvothe must earn the Maer’s trust, and along the way fight for survival.


For Fans Of: Patrick Rothfuss, Tamora Pierce, Scott Lynch


World-Building: Rothfuss, again, shows us a very well thought out, vivid world. Magic is woven in subtly. The framing is done very well and adds to the story, allowing us to get input on the “reality” of some situations and giving other characters the power to show us dangers that are understated in Kvothe’s narrative.


Character Development: The second book shows us more of Kvothe than the impulsive young boy he had been. We see a lot more of him realizing that haste is far from universally best. He realizes sharply that clever can get you killed. On top of this, the supporting characters really come into their own, especially Devi. Though we don’t learn too much more of her backstory, we come to learn about who she is emotionally. The same cannot be said for Denna (though a few scenes seem to try).


Plot: It meanders about at times, particularly when he leave’s the Maer’s. There are a series of adventures that follow which don’t really do too much for Kvothe’s story, other than get him a sword and cape (and of course laid). When it’s on point, though, it’s very dynamic and the plot has some very solid foreshadowing and twists.


Rating: 4.5


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