Quick Review: Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter

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An advanced virus, Iran nuclear weapons, and espionage, Countdown to Zero Day has a lot of story going on. It’s one of the more interesting modern day hacking tales. The real-life creation of the Stuxnet virus and its infiltration and discovery in Iran, along with the heightened suspicions of the Iranian nuclear weapons program are interesting subject matter.

I only wish that the story didn’t read like a technical report.

My background is, by and large, in social science and academia. I love everything about international relations and Middle East politics. So, I was intrigued by the story offered in Zetter’s book. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t read as a compelling narrative. Instead, it’s got the slow drag that tends to haunt academic reports.

That being said, the story is extremely well researched with helpful footnotes and clearly the intended audience is supposed to be well-informed, but not experts. It’s not overly technical, but just technical enough to make the reading drag.



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