DNF’ed | Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan

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I received Thief’s Magic for review about a month ago and hadn’t picked it up. When I did, it seemed like the kind of story I’d like, but it had some unfortunate aspects that didn’t appeal to me. The first part, a story about a boy training in archaeology who uncovers a magical book, was interesting, with a lot of details about the character and the world that I liked. But all of a sudden it shifted. It was as though I’d picked up a totally different book. The parts switched to a story about a girl who falls in love practically overnight. She’s convinced that the use of magic destroys one’s soul, but then goes ahead and almost unthinkingly uses it. The lack of appeal post-shift and the romance wasn’t for me and it was dragging. I put it down. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later, but for now, I’m classifying it as a DNF.


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