Five Series to Start While You’re Waiting for Star Trek Discovery to come back.

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By Jacob P. Torres

The summer is general a wasteland for TV which could make it a good time to advocate for some books to read. If you’re missing Star Trek: Discovery or SyFy’s (now Amazon’s) The Expanse as much as I am, you might like these books.

71kOSKVyobL All Systems Red: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells
Martha takes the trope of the murderous A.I. and turns it on its head. An A.I. that occupies the body of a highly advanced robotic soldier armed to the gills suddenly finds itself with sentience and a freedom to disobey any order its given. First order of business? Watch some trashy soap operas. Oh, did I mention its name is Murderbot? Yeah, that’s what you get named when you accidentally kill your last owners because of a programming bug, but Murderbot isn’t going to let that happen again, it just wants to be left alone. 5 out of 5 Cups of Tea.


Dauntless by Jack Campbell  91H330c+PSL
If you need a series that will keep you occupied for a while Jack Campbell isn’t gonna let you down. The Lost Fleet series is 11 books long but it’s complete. Dauntless is the first book, it’s a little rougher than the ones that come after. Captain “Black Jack” Geary is a legend that everyone thought was dead. Everyone was very shocked then to find him alive in escape pod in the middle of enemy territory. No one more than Jack Geary, who finds himself suddenly in charge of a fleet and in horror at the hero worship everyone is giving him. Now he has to find a way to bring this fleet home when he’s hundreds of years removed from any of his family, and light-years from anything friendly. 3.5 out of 5 Cups of Tea.


 the-long-way-to-a-small-angry-planet-3 The Long Way to a Small , Angry Planet by Becky Chambers
In this series Chambers has created something that evokes the feel of Firefly, the space opera setting, and characters that you’ll fall in love with. This book follows the perspective of Rosemary Harper, the least like protagonist you’d imagine, the ship’s new clerk. The crew of the wayfarer will redefine your meaning of ragtag, but the book is full of heart, inventive characters and worlds, and a whole lot of fun. 4 out of 5 Cups of Tea.


Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig Aftermath
After Disney acquired the Lucasfilm empire, Disney gave Chuck Wendig an impossible job, write the first book (and first trilogy) in the new canon for the Star Wars universe. Wendig gets a kind of unforgivable amount of shit from sad puppies on the internet about these books, because how dare he create new characters, have females or LGBTQA+ characters as protagonists, set the stage for Episode VII, and write a fun book. It’s not the best Star Wars book ever written but it’s really solid and should be fairly accessible to people who have only seen the movies. And its real obvious Wendig loves the franchise and had a blast writing it. 4.0 out of 5 Cups of Tea.


 SEEKERS_1_PREVIEW Star Trek: Seekers 1 – Second Nature
I couldn’t leave a Star Trek book off this list, so here we go. The Seekers series follows two crews over four books solving a typically Star Trek kind of adventure. This is a good starting on point for people that don’t read Star Trek books regularly and features a completely original cast of characters that you’ve likely not seen before. The crews of the Sagittarius and the Endeavor (which is captained by the first in series female Muslim captain) adventures are written by David Mack who has written a kind of ludicrous number of Star Trek books, including one with the Discovery crew which I can’t recommend because I haven’t read it. yet. 3.5 out of 5 Cups of Tea.



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