Review: Trinity Rising (The Wild Hunt #2) by Elspeth Cooper

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**Please note that this review may contain spoilers. If you’ve not yet read the first book, you can find my review of it here**

Title: Trinity Rising (The Wild Hunt #2)

Author: Elspeth Cooper

Publication Date: 2012

Genre: Fantasy

Overview: Teia is a clans girl in the plains. When the clan leader starts to plan an attack against the Empire like Glwyth of old, Teia finds herself filled with horrible visions–the Hunt will destroy the Empire, the Veil, and the world. Teia flees, despite being six months pregnant and the new chief’s concubine, in order to warn the Empire after her clan fails to heed her warnings. Meanwhile, Gair is sent to the desert in an attempt to find a way to weaken Savir.

For Fans Of: Elspeth Cooper, George RR Martin

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